1. Cocktail Categories for menus

Most cocktails can be categorised into 4 types: long, short, light & dark. There are exceptions but it’s very easy to create menus based on these sections to make ordering cocktails easy for customers.

You can then ensure you have other bases covered within these sections: fruity, citrus, dry or bitter, refreshing, herbal, aperitif, digestif.

2. Acids and Sour Elements

1. Experiment with different sour ingredients in your cocktails. Using less citrus such as lemon and limes and making up the difference with vinegars or other sour ingredients can give your cocktails uniqueness and character.

2. Look at the acid components of your other ingredients: grape spirit or juice, use tartaric acid! Apple spirit or juice in    your drink, use malic acid. Strawberries, ascorbic acid.

3. Create your own sour mix – not in the 1980’s, disco drink sense, but in the new ‘blend of acids, juices & vinegar’ way.

The Cosmopolitan by Tristan Stephenson